Friday, 4 September 2015

ARBOR WEEK 30 August - 3 September

With the youth leaders we agreed to have themed weeks in order to focus our stories and art and craft activities. Arbor week was the first theme we focused on and what a good week it was! We had to adjust our programme because of rain but that did not faze any of us.

The story Life of a Tree was told over two days and acted out on the third day. This helps the children to concentrate and remember more of the story. You can find the story on the following website:
Some children made bowls from papermache while other decorated a big tree with mixed media.

Finally on Thursday 3 September, our TREE PLANTING DAY,  we went out to join Judy Eccles on the playground at the Willie Meyer Single after having enjoyed a fruit salad with custard (courtesy PicknPay). The pictures speak for themselves... 20 children focused on helping to plant and learning about planting trees. The Langeberg Municipality dug the holes and gave compost and water. Two people gave donations towards buying some trees and mulch. And Judy, our excellent and very patient teacher, involved the children in every step of the process. The trees got named Alwyn and Piet Konyn e.g. and each one has a one child to make sure the trees thrive. At least 20 more humans know about the importance of and caring about trees!

4 September 2015

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