Friday, 10 April 2015


This work with the group of "challenging" 11 year old boys was so inspiring! So tiring! 

I do not know the way ... or where to from here ...for a mathematically gifted child, I watched awakening to his own ability.

I know a little of the way inwards, so I led the group for 4 days. We started each day with a story, then tough stick exercises. At last, for an hour or so, to the beginnings of thinking that is found through Geometry. 

The work on the walls grew and grew, soon covering every inch of our space. Rough lines became smooth constructions and rushed mistakes became beauty through accuracy.

The pictures tell the story of our journey.

In this, helpers are my left and right hands. Thank you Rouzann and Marochelle, this work was not possible without you.

On Thursday we ended our 4th day of work together, with a triple flower on a 12 fold circle.

Well done!
Now I shall sleep for a week and dream of our Geometry.

Thank you to Pieter and Dawid who made the sticks for us from cut- down trees. With these smooth and decorated sticks we became warriors beating out battle rhythms, circus people balancing and swinging off a single stick and best of all Japaneses stick fighters -the dream of all 11 year old boys.


Gwynn Dawson .April 2015.

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